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Featuring early childhood education rockstars from 11 countries. 

Young Black woman with braids looking into the camera with an almost imperceptible smile wearing a colorful top.

Akilah S. Richards

Founder and Lead Producer of Raising Free People Network; Creator of "Fare of the Free Child" podcast; Author of "Raising Free People"

White woman with short brown hair smiling wearing big white earrings with a maroon top.

Barb O'Neill, MEd, EdD

Founder & CEO of Transforming Challenging Behavior, Inc.; Early Childhood Education Speaker

Maori woman with short straight brown hair smiling big into the camera wearing a grey shirt.

Brenda Soutar

Co-Author of updated "Te Whāriki Approach," New Zealand's National Early Childhood Curriculum; Consultant: deepening 

integration of Maori Culture into Early Childhood Education

Young Black woman with shoulder length, wavy dark hair smiling with one eyebrow slightly raised, wearing a black flowery top

Caitlyn McCain

Artist, Educator, Actor;

MA Candidate, "Applied Theatre;" Artistic Associate at New York City Children's Theatre;  Creator of "Creative Clubhouse Stories"

Black woman smiling big with long side-swept locked hair, wearing a bright blue top & black blazer

Denisha Jones, PhD, JD

Director, Art of Teaching Program at Sarah Lawrence College; Co-Director of Defending The Early Years, Inc.

White woman with auburn long hair smiling softly wearing dangly earrings and a bright red dress

Ekaterina Ryabkova

President, Counsel Member, and Co-Founder of the Rybokov Foundation; Creator of the "Nobel Prize For Education"

Metis man with dark blond shoulder length hair, glasses, a beard & mustache smiling  in a black shirt surrounded by plants

Hopi Lovell Martin, MEd

Ph.D Candidate "Indigenous Seasonal Pedagogy" in Early Childhood Education;
Consultant, Edge of the Bush  

White older woman with straight shoulder-length blonde hair, dark glasses, small smile, wearing a red top

Jackie Bennett

Founder & Director of  "Connecting 2 Culture" Consultancy: bettering childhood services for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander populations

White woman with short curly brown hair smiling with closed lips wearing a blue, collared shirt and small earrings

Jan White, MSc

UK's Outdoor Learning Guru; Founder & Co-Director of "Early Childhood Outdoors" the UK-wide org to foster outdoor play and learning  

White Greek man with brown hair that is short on the sides and longer on top looking serious wearing a white t-shirt

John Yiannoudis

Co-Founder & CEO, Dorothy Snot Preschool & Kindergarten, Athens Greece; Active in several NGOs to transform Greek education  

Black woman with short curly hair pulled back by a teal headband smiles softly wearing a geometric print top

Kisha Reid

Founder & Director of Discovery Early Learning Center: A Place for Childhood preschool; Founder of "Play Empowers" Advocacy Group

Black woman with long curly black hair with a red tint, wearing a big smile, cat-eye glasses, and a black lives matter shirt

Laleña Garcia, 


Author and Kindergarten Teacher in NYC; Creator of "Rooted" Online Adult Education concerning Anti Bias Work in Early Childhood Education

Older white woman smiling with her hand under her chin, wavy chin-length blond hair, wearing white blouse with grey sweater

Laura Markham, PhD

Clinical Psychologist at Columbia University;  Parenting Coach; Author of "Peaceful Parenting;" Founder & Editor of "Aha Parenting"

Young light skinned woman with wind-swept long brown hair, smiling, outside on a mountain wearing a backpack and black shirt

Liana Chavarin

Founder & Director of  Berkeley Forest School; 
Founder & Board Member of California Association of Forest Schools

White woman laughing big with long straight brown hair, glasses, sitting backwards on a chair, arms crossed at the wrist

Lisa Murphy, MEd

Early Childhood Education Advocate, Advisor, Author and Speaker; Founder and CEO of Ooey Gooey Inc.

Older white woman with short brown hair, black glasses, big smile, pearl earrings, wearing a colorful top and silver necklace

Maggie Dent,


Australia's "Queen of Common Sense" Parenting Educator, Speaker, and Media Authority; Author of "Mothering our Boys" and "From Boys to Men"  

Young Black woman smiling big, black curly hair held back by a black headband, wearing black glasses & large pink earrings

Natalie Pipkin

Founder of Black Worldschoolers Mobile Bookstore; Founder & Facilitator at The Pulse Project Indy Community Drumming Initiative

Light skinned woman with curly, short blond hair, blue glasses on top of her head, smiling to the left in a white top

Nona Orbach,


Israel based Art Therapist, Art  Educator; Multi-Disciplinary Artist; Facilitator of Workshops in Israel and Worldwide;  Author

Older white man with white short hair smiling with closed lips wearing a green collared shirt in front of bookshelves

Peter Gray, PhD

Research Professor of Psychology, Boston College; Author "Free to Learn;" Founder of Alliance for Self-Directed Education; "Psychology Today" Magazine blog

White man with wavy brown hair, full beard & mustache, looking kindly into camera, wearing rimless glasses & a blue t-shirt

Phillip Mott, BSEd

Former Elementary Teacher; 
Education Writer; 

Homeschooling Father


Light-skinned man with short grey hair & a grey beard smiling to the right wearing a dark blue collared shirt

Raffi Cavoukian, CM, OBC

Globally Renowned Children's Entertainer & Troubadour ("Baby Beluga');  Founder of Raffi Foundation for Child Honouring 

Light skinned woman with dark brown wavy chin-length hair smiling softly wearing a white blouse

Roberta Pucci

Atelierista and Art Therapist; Founder of Roberta Pucci Lab, Consultancy and Blog; from Reggio Emilia, Italy and inspired by the "Reggio Approach"

Light skinned woman smiling big with playfully messy long brown hair pulled back, grey shirt, beaded necklace

Sarah Beale

Co-Founder, The Renegade Mum; Unschooling Coach and Mentor; Writer, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

White woman with blond/brown long hair, black glasses, looking serious, wearing a black top

Suzanne Axelsson

ECE Pedagogical Consultant; Early Years Program at Stockholm University; Publisher of "Interaction Imagination" Blog; ECE Speaker

Asian woman smiling big to the right, long straight dark hair, blue glasses, wearing a pink top and dark blue blazer outside

Tania Hino, 


Bilingual (Spanish-English) ECE Parent Educator & Trainer; Consultant for Co-Operative Schools;  PhD Candidate; Founder of "Somos Mujeres Latinas"

Older white woman with light blonde chin length hair and bangs, wearing glasses, big yellow chunky necklace & green top

Wendy Lee

Director, "Educational Leadership Project," providing teachers with ECE professional development in New Zealand; sought after internationally for expertise regarding  "Learning Stories;" Author; Speaker

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